Our Company

Our company has been working with the production of cheese since 1928


After three generations of cheese production, Triantafyllos Triantafyllidis has been continuing, with zealously,artristy and respect for the tradition.
This we do by collecting only the best quality of milk from free-range animals of the area of sochos ( animals which graze on green pastures of this area and on the foothill of Vertiskos, which is in the pure mountainous nature of Thessaloniki county).

We maintain the pure and traditional taste of our product by insisting on the unchanged recipes of our ancestors and by keeping our products free of preservatives, we maintain the flavor of traditional cheese and in the same time we keep our memories of the past.

Combining the knowledge, the experience, the secrets of the past generations and the guarantee of the fixtures and quality. We apply the program HACCP and the management system of food security (ISO22000), so we achieve the best endproduct of our cheese.


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